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Growth-Focused Digital Agency

Maximize your website visitors with our traffic boosting strategies.

Get more traffic.

Attract your target audience and gain loyal customers with our customer acquisition techniques.

Gain more customers.

Increase sales of your products or services and maximize your income with our sales growth strategies.

Sell more products/services.

Digital marketing channels We are a digital marketing agency that accompanies brands on their growth journey using analysis, creativity and design.

At this point, where creating a strong strategy to expand your business in the digital world and reach your target audience has become a necessity, we are at your side with our experienced and talented digital marketing team.

Ageva Digital House

By reaching more potential customers and sales with our services

Discover "Departmentless E-Commerce"!

At Trendyol, you can use our full consultancy service to optimize your sales.

Trendyol Sales Consultancy

Increase your brand awareness on social media! Discover new and effective ways to reach your target audience with Meta and TikTok ads.

Social Media Advertising Management

Discover effective advertising campaigns with us to highlight your brand on Google and reach potential customers.

Google Ad Management

Expand your customer base by integrating your products into digital marketplaces! Increase your sales with marketplace integration.

Pazaryeri Integrated

Ration Setup and Management

Let's bring your online store to life and manage it easily! We are here to be successful in e-commerce.

E-Commerce Site Installation and Management

Digital Solutions


Grow Your Business with Marketplace Management

In marketplaces, which are an indispensable part of the e-commerce ecosystem, we are with you at every point, from placing your products in the right categories, to competitive pricing strategies, from order management to customer services.

Highlight Your Brand with Digital Ads

As Ageva Digital House, we offer various digital advertising services such as Google Ads, social media ads, content marketing and SEO. We make your brand heard with our creative and interaction-oriented campaigns, and maximize your conversion rates by effectively reaching your target audience.

 Accelerate Your Digital Transformation with E-Commerce Solutions

We strengthen the online presence of your business with our wide range of services including custom e-commerce website development, user-friendly interface design, SEO and content management, payment systems integration and more. 

Success Stories

Take a closer look at the results we achieve with our brands and our working processes.

We expanded our customer base thanks to the digital advertising campaigns managed by AGEVA Digital House. We managed to significantly reduce our advertising costs.

Serdar Akın

Thanks to AGEVA Digital House social media advertising, the awareness of my brand increased and there was a significant increase in my website traffic. Having an accessible team was also our reason for choice.

Ufuk Karaca

Thanks to AGEVA Digital House sales increasing services, the sales of my store in Trendyol increased. Especially product optimization and advertising campaigns were very useful.

Selin Ozturk


Kurulum ve Pazaryeri Entegrasyonları İçin

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